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Workout Wardrobe

Workout Wardrobe

by Chris Williams
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People have discovered the risks of having a sedimentary lifestyle. Ailments brought by the lack of exercise and physical activities have become more and more common as people have become slaves to their office desks and computers at home. More and more people have been engaging in physical activities and routines such as Jogging and Walking while others have picked more rigorous activities such as lifting weights at the gym or participating in competitive sports. Trends from the past such as Dance Aerobics have come back getting individuals and groups joining the routine in open public spaces. All of these in an effort to stay fit and healthy.

Time to hit the Gym!

Numerous people who live an active lifestyle have taken things to the next level, their workouts have becomes more challenging and more rigorous. Some have opted to heavier lifting. Some have opted to work on multiple exercise routines making their workouts well rounded. Along with the health benefits of living an active lifestyle, the boost in self-esteem that they have gotten has also been talked of and that even what we wear has become modified not only for us to look good but with their functionality as well.

Picking your workout clothes

Gym attire varies from person to person. There are some who would just wear a shirt and gym pants that allow them to feel comfortable without being ridiculed. Some wear branded athletic clothing which focus on specific functions that have been promised and protecting parts of the body that they are working on. Though many would argue that it’s not about what you wear but what you do, there are a lot of benefits from wearing the correct gear when working out. So what should we be looking out for when picking our gym clothes?

  • Design and Durability. When picking your workout gear make sure that you chose the one that provides the most mobility. Remember that when working out you will be stretching more than you normally do. When fitting try to move a little and stretch to check if the clothing will not hinder movement or will tear while you are working out. Make sure that there are no unnecessary designs that might get in your way while working out or might get caught in workout equipment. Though durability and functionality are important in most cases workouts are done in public places so make sure that you are comfortable to wear it in front of people.
  • Functionality. It’s always nice to have gear that have multiple functions that fit your workout routines. Having phone pockets on the sleeves if you listen to a lot of music or are on call. Having the appropriate support for women’s tops that allows them to work out and then go out without having to change the entire attire and other additional features are things that you have to keep in mind when picking your gear.
  • Workout Orientation. Remember that now a days there are specific gear for specific workouts. Shoes are one great example as various shoes have been made for the different activities we may be engaging in. Each one of these designs have different functions that provide better features for the activity they are targeting. Basketball shoes offering more ankle support than others, Running shoes providing more contact surface and sole support are just some examples. Shoes are not the only ones that are custom made for activities, pants, tops and compression garments also focus on specific parts of the body which we use for the various activities we may be engaging in.

Improve Your Workout with Compression Garments

Compression garments have been becoming part of the trends when it comes to active wear. These body hugging tight fit articles of clothes provide support and offer a range of benefits to its wearer reducing risk of injuries and reducing fatigue on the specific parts of the body they are worn over. Compression garments come in variations such as tops, pants, sleeves, and socks focusing on various muscle groups and joints. Another reason why these form fitting articles of clothing are catching besides its effectiveness is the look that they provide. As they are tight fitting they make the wearer look toned and muscular.

Looking more at the benefits, compression gear increase a person’s awareness of how their body is positioned. The tight fit compression garment clings on the body like a secondary layer of skin that the wearer becomes more aware of where it is and how it is moving increasing the efficiency of movement. Another major benefit of compression garments is that it improves blood circulation to the compressed muscles. When blood circulation is better the muscle groups where the garments are focusing on receive more oxygen reducing the setting in of fatigue as well as improving the health and recovery of muscles. These garments come in various levels of compression and in different designs allowing users to pick one for the activity they are about to engage in.


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