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How Compression Sleeves Affect the Recovery of Muscle Performance

How Compression Sleeves Affect the Recovery of Muscle Performance

by Chris Williams
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Throughout the years, the amazing discoveries and advancements about our body have been made and up to now more incredible things are still being discovered. After thousands of years, the human body remains as the most complex machine on Earth due to its various systems of organs and the intricate workings that they do. Science has revealed a lot about the body works and astonishing discoveries have led to the progress of medicine and awareness to the point that we can already identify the causes of ailments and what the remedies are and more importantly how to prevent them. A good example of this would be the muscular system. We have pain relievers of various kinds to alleviate us from muscular pain along with new designs for sporting equipment that help with the recovery of injuries or prevent future ones.

A few decades ago physical fitness and fashion design were things that would be considered contrasting, but as the years have progressed these two ideas have been brought closer and closer together providing us with various fashionable and functional equipment which various brands have taken advantage of. Although some features may seem to be more aesthetic and may seem to have little to no effects, in depth studies of how design affects performance have shown that sporting gear may really be just as potent as it is pretty. One of the best examples of these types of sporting equipment would be shoes. Sports shoes have now been segregated in to the different sporting events with different features that help athlete perform better or prevent known injuries from the said sport while having new fashionable designs to choose from.

One other example are compression garments. These elastic articles of clothing do just as its name suggests, it compresses the muscles they are worn over. They come in the form of sleeves, pants, or shirts to provide the various benefits of muscle compression. Compression garments have long been recommended by trainers and physicians to their charges for its benefits in preventing and rehabilitating injuries. Recently even athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been promoting compression garments mostly because of how much they have impacted their performance and health.

How Do Compression Garments Work?

The soreness felt after a workout is in general caused by the muscle tissue damage which naturally occurs in physical activities. Although not felt immediately during the workout the that pain surges after work outs as our pain receptors become more sensitive when our muscle tissues become enflamed by the damage of working out. This is commonly referred to as Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. Although DOMS cannot be prevented as for muscle size to increase it relies on the muscle tissue breakage to occur. It should however be managed correctly. Recovering from muscle soreness can be done in different ways such as the replenishment of proteins, rehydration and rest. These help our muscles to regenerate itself faster and develop without obstruction. Alternatively massages which help detoxify our bodies and aid in the circulation of blood through the muscles also help with the recovery of muscles. The use of Compression Garments help us achieve similar results as the latter examples.

Compressions helps reduce or slow down fatigue as blood flows faster through the veins running through and around our muscles. This keeps a consistent flow preventing muscles to becomes or for muscle fatigue from setting in as fast as it normally takes. This concept has been used to design form fitting compression garments which are now used for both recovery and everyday use for prevention.

Are There Facts Surrounding the Claims?

Several researches and experiments have been made regarding the effects of compression garments and its effects on muscle recovery have been made and its results have been astonishing. A test where compression garments composed of Meryl Elastane and Lycra was worn while simulating the muscle strain of a rugby game was made and it resulted with a remarkable decrease in fatigue time. It also showed that the incidences of DOMS was lowered significantly, signifying that the compression garments aided in the recovery by stimulating better blood flow. In UK, tests have shown that wearers of compression garments have had better recovery and have felt less sore making the compression garment wearers feel generally better, concluding that even if the effects of compression garments on muscle strain recovery and DOMS were minimal they were still very beneficial.

Another research have also focused on the how much C-reactive protein and creatine kinase, was produced by the body after hours of work while wearing compression shirts and pants as well as the overall strength, soreness, fatigue and heart rate levels of the participants. The results showed that while there was no significant difference in the C-reactive protein and creatine kinase production of the body, knee extension torque was lower in the experimental group that it was for the control group. The perceptual recovery of the experimental group how every was better than the control groups favoring the use of compression garments noting that performance in future work due to the higher perceptual recovery was impacted as well.

The Conclusion

All of the examples showed that compression garments, though still informal, provided beneficial improvement as it has been claimed before. Wearers generally feel less pain and not have fatigue set in as fast compared to non-wearers. During muscle recovery stages, it has been shown that people using compression garments have had better perceptual recovery making them feel ready to perform more future work as the muscles where compression garments have been used on have felt stronger and feel less pain. So if you are looking at a long day of physical work, suit up! and feel better knowing that your compression garments will make you feel less tired and less sore than you normally would.


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