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Habits that will keep your joints healthy

Habits that will keep your joints healthy

by Chris Williams
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You may have seen already seen various articles and different ways to promote healing of joints.  Articles about how you can avoid injuries. Something that is just as if not even more important though is knowing how to keep your joints healthy. Due to age, injuries and other certain conditions, regular joint articulation may be hindered. It is always better to develop habits that will help us keep our joints healthy or at least become healthy again before it’s too late.

How are Habits formed?

Repetitive active participation or conscious effort is needed to build a habit. Through time this repeated action is instilled in our system and becomes something we do without even realizing that we are doing it. Habits may be either good or bad and we must be careful of the habits we build as it takes more effort to unlearn them that it is to build them. Developing a habits that are focused on keep your joints healthy prevents potential injury and ailments and needing less recovery as they are mostly in tip top shape. Having a balanced diet, exercise are all good habits to form to keep yourself and your joints healthy.

Evaluate yourself.

Be honest, think about all the good and bad habits that you have or list them down if needed. Remember that this is a self-evaluation and that there is no need to be ashamed of what you write down. Our goal is to minimize the bad habits specially the ones that affect your general health and develop habits that promote it.

Why Do We Get Bad Joints?

Our joints are damaged by various reasons, generally they are damaged through injuries we incur while engaged in physical activities, and at times however we also damage them through our lifestyles. Our diets prone to be causing damage especially if we do not watch what we eat and tend to splurge. Sugars and carbs if not controlled may cause an inflammation of the muscles around the joints. Processed and fried foods may hit the joints themselves. Tobacco, Alcohol, Salt hinders the production of the joint fluids if taken in large amounts making them rigid and painful

Although the examples may feel very restrictive this does not necessarily mean that you cannot have any of the mentioned things. What we should be aiming to do would be to minimize the intake and balance out what we eat before we are even told that we have to control our diet. We shouldn’t be changing our lifestyles after the fact, instead we should be doing it to prevent injuries from happening.

To help start a new lifestyle here are some habits that we can pick up which are good for the overall health of our joints:

Stretching in the morning- take 2 to 3 minutes of your day to do a simple stretching exercises. After 5-6 hours of sleep at night, the body needs to stretch and move its joints.

Eat Right – Minimize junk food. We know it’s hard but it may have the biggest impact to your health

Listen to Your Body – When you feel something different after a specific action, stop. Get a feel of what happened and think of what it may have been. If you feel a sharp pain after an action, do not hesitate and call your doctor or physician to let them know of what happened.

Be Physically Active – Engage in sports. Choose one that are familiar with. Being familiar with a sport will reduce the chances of getting injured while actively engaged in it. If you do not have a sport you are familiar with join friends who are as they are the best ones to tell you how to do things and not get yourself hurt.

Rest – After a strenuous activity let your joints and muscles rest. They don’t have to be in pain before you stop and take a breather. Remember that pain sets in when you have already overused your joints and muscles. Rest before the pain becomes intolerable.

Use Compression Gear – Sleeves, shirts, socks, leggings. Compression gear comes in different shapes sizes and compression degrees. These elastic tight fitting clothes were made to help your muscles and joints recover from strain and injuries. It also help prevent them by keeping them well oxidized with good blood circulation.

Icing – Icing after physical activities prevents the inflammation of joints. Ice them for 15-20 minutes using an ice bag or any cloth. Avoid directly applying the ice to your joints to prevent ice burns.

Hydrate – 8-12 glasses of water a day is always ideal. This washes out toxins and help with your circulation which are good for keeping your joints healthy

Remember, Habits take time to form. So, it is best to start today. Don’t procrastinate on it. Work on it before it’s too late.

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