What is Copperhealth?

Copperhealth is a comfortable, 4-way compression fabric that you can wear throughout the day and night in order to speed muscle recovery and provide relief from aches and pains. All of our products are crafted with ergonomic seaming to provide a superior comfort and range of motion so you can perform at your best.

How Do I Wash My Copper Sleeve?

All Copperhealth™ products are machine washable and dryer safe. For washing, we suggest washing in warm water with similar colors. Please do NOT use Bleach or Fabric softener when washing. For drying, we recommend a tumble dry on a gentle setting. Please do NOT use dryer sheets. Following these recommendations should maximize the durability and lifespan of your Copperhealth™ products. Improper cleaning should not result in any immediate damage, but does mean we will be unable to guarantee the performance of the product.

How long should I wear my sleeve? One hour? Four hours? Is longer better?

While we do not recommend a specific amount of time for our sleeve, we have found that four hours of usage does tend to provide more assistance than a single hour. If you’re feeling any discomfort however, we suggest removing the sleeve for a bit. The key is to wear it as long as your body is comfortable with it.

Should the seam be worn inside or outside the joint?

The seam can be worn either on the back or side of the joint, depending on comfort and where you would like the logo to appear. As long as the sleeve is not squeezing your arm or loose, then you’re good to go!

Is the sleeve helpful if I wear it overnight?

As our Copperhealth™ Sleeve offers light compression in addition to its copper technology, it allows a greater level of blood circulation and oxygenation for muscles and joints. This assists in relaxing and repairing muscles after physical activity, and can be an even greater asset for sleeping.
In short? Absolutely!

You said that longer is better for wearing my compression sleeve, but how long exactly?

Well, all Copperhealth™ products can be worn all day and throughout night. They’ve been designed with lightweight and anti-odor technology to prevent smells, moisture wicking, chafing, and to maximize comfortable wear. So, we recommend wearing your compression sleeve during sleep and any light to intense physical activity, however long that may be.

When should I wear my Copperhealth™ product? To prevent pain? During a workout? When the joints start to hurt?

All we can say is, yes! Our products are versatile, and while they definitely relieve tension and pain for a joint, they also work as a preventive measure. We recommend using a Copperhealth™ sleeve before, during, and immediately after your workout to maximize joint support. In fact, even when you’re not planning for any intense physical activity you can still wear a Copperhealth™ product. After all, each product:
1) Feels great, offering comfort and support.
2) Thanks to the antibacterial copper fused with fabric, it's completely odorless.
3) Doesn’t restrict movements
4) Stays cool, unlike simple nylon compression sleeves.

How much stability does a Copperhealth™ Sleeve offer?

While some sleeves on the market can be quite heavy, our sleeve has been designed to offer a lighter level of support. We found that the key is to assist your joint in its movements and provide a certain level of security, rather than attempting to be an overly supportive frame that could restrict movement. This means our sleeve is lightweight an doesn’t annoy the skin, while still provides a comfortable and solid level of stability for your joints.

But how does the sleeve really work?

A Copperhealth™ sleeve functions in a similar manner to braces or neoprene sleeves, but with a lower level of stability. However, our sleeve’s design allows it to not only be lighter and less irritating on the user, but also provides a greater level of movement. Braces and neoprene sleeves can let your muscles rely excessively on them, whereas Copperhealth™ keeps them strong and stable.
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