About CopperHealth™

At CopperHealth™ we have a vision of a line of compression products unlike any other. Clothing and accessories that help you avoid injuries, speed your muscle recovery, provide much needed support to joints, and improve your physical performance, no matter the load, stress, or circumstance.

How do we do this? One simple element. Copper.

That’s right, it’s the same common metal that we find throughout nature. You may know it for its general uses, but you may not know that it’s an essential aspect to all living organisms. Not only that, it’s also widely found within our bodies, forming major parts of our muscles and bones. It possesses unparalleled biostatic and antimicrobial characteristics, meaning that it not only stops bacteria from growing on it, it is also efficient in destroying a wide range of fungi and bacteria. For years, it’s even been used to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Copper has a high thermal and electrical conductivity, allowing the magnetic field that it generates to encourage your body to regenerate nearby tissues and speed recovery. We’ve found that, once absorbed through the skin, it can even treat a variety of skin illnesses.

We knew that this metal would be the much needed element to create the most effective compression products. Of course, simply ‘adding’ it to the standard nylon fibers we see in typical compression items would not be sufficient. As copper bonds with nylon at the deepest level of creation, in the form of copper ions (Cu++ and Cu+), we had a team of doctors and experts patent a completely new and unique technology that manages to bond organic copper onto the macromolecules of our fibers.

What does this mean for you?
You may be thinking, “Great, you managed to make a compression garment that has copper in the very fibers, but how does this help me?” and we understand. Allow us to explain some of the health benefits and unique features of a CopperHealth™ product. Each member of our CopperHealth™ line:
• Aids with joint and muscle recovery, including a natural relief from arthritis, aches, and pains.
• Enhances blood circulation and stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles, giving you better performance for exercise and daily work.
• Eliminates odor commonly caused by microbes.
• The 4-way compression sleeves design maximizes your range of motion and provides a superior level of comfort and mobility. Compare it to other sleeves or braces and you’ll find not only a strong level of support but a greater level of mobility.
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