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5 Basic Yoga positions to strengthen your arms

5 Basic Yoga positions to strengthen your arms

by Chris Williams
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With stress coming at us from all directions, people have found different ways to battle them. Some binge eat, get massages, some opt for a physical outlet such as fitness routines or going to gym that help funnel their frustrations on a punching bag or meditate while exercising by doing yoga. Physical fitness has become a common way of life that is not limited to being a stress reliever. People have been awakened to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and staying away from salty food and preservatives, maintaining physical fitness has also been become more attractive to people that everyone has started to engage in some form of physical activity that help them stay healthy.

With everyone getting into this new lifestyle, one thing that we should never overlook is the fact that physical activities bring us closer to physical injury. We have to remember that whenever we engage in our physical activities we expose ourselves to things that may potentially hurt us if we overdo it or if our bodies are not in the right condition to perform these physical activities. Accidents like slipping, falling, lifting excessive weight without a spotter are things that can happen and are avoided just by being careful. Chances of these risks are also reduced when we make sure that we strengthen parts of our body that we commonly use in our daily routines, one common part – our arms.

Strengthening our Arms

Our arms are more or less the most important part of our bodies specially when working out. Multiple exercise routines make use of our arms. Lifting weights, doing pushups, pull ups, even jogging all require arm motion. The arms provide support to the body in a lot of different activities, even when doing yoga positions or stretching our muscles require us to support our bodies through our arms. As such our arm strength becomes a very important factor in avoiding injuries while working out. Our hands and fingers are needed to grip and hold things. Our wrists and forearms are used to sustain weights we carry. Thinking about number of activities where we use our arms to perform tasks goes to show how important they are and why it is to everyone’s interest to strengthen them making our workout routines less dangerous for us.

You might be thinking, well, I don’t work out so I guess it’s not that important to me. Wrong. Day to day tasks like writing, typing, and driving use the same joints and may be exposed to injuries when overused. Strengthening them keeps us away from ailments that we may incur just from doing simple things we do every day. So how do we go about strengthening them if we don’t have time to go to the gym? The answer, Yoga. An activity that we can engage in regardless of where we are as long as there is enough space for us to lie down. Here we will look at some basic Yoga positions that can strengthen our arms that do not take too much time.

5 Basic Yoga Poses

  1. Downward facing dog

This is one of the most common yoga positions that has multiple benefits including wrist strengthening. We start with the table top position, placing our hands on the ground aligning our shoulders to our wrist and our knees to our hips. Brace your toes to the ground and lift the hips upwards forming an A shape. Keep your fingers spread wide to allow the weight to be sustained by your wrist instead of the palms. Hold the position for around 2 – 5 minutes before going back to the table top position and getting up.

  1. Upward facing dog.

This position aims to strengthen the arms and the spine. Lie prone on the floor with your legs together and the top of your feet on flat on the floor. Position your hands beside your waist with fingers spread out elbows slightly bent. Inhale and plant your hands into the floor slightly pulling yourself forward then straighten your arms to lift your torso. As with earlier hold the position for 2 to 5 minutes before slowing returning to the prone position before getting up.

  1. High plank pose

This position help strengthen the hips and abdomen. Place your hands firmly on the floor aligning the wrists to the shoulders. Keep the feet and legs straight with your toes braced onto the floor. You’re your back straight and lean into your hands and fingers distributing the weight to them instead of the wrists. Hold the position for 2 – 5 minutes before getting up.

  1. Upward plank pose

Here we focus to strengthen the wrists and arms. We start in the staff pose where we sit on the floor with legs forward and together and your hands planted on the floor behind the hips with fingers pointing toward your feet. Slowly lift your hips keeping your legs straight legs straight. Push your hands and feet into the floor to move your body upward. Hold the position for 2 – 5 minutes before lowering yourself back on the floor.

  1. Side plank pose

From the plank position, slowly roll to the outside of the left foot forming a diagonal line from head to toe. Balance your weight on your left arm distributing the weight to the pinky and the thumb. Alternatively you can also use the forearm instead of the hands if using your wrists proves to be difficult. Hold the position for 2 – 5 minutes before coming back into the plank position and standing up.


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